June Is Migraine Awareness Month

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Thirty-six million Americans – about 12% of the population – suffer from migraine headaches. Migraine is not the normal headaches you may have experienced, but instead is a different disorder with unique symptoms and different treatment.

The American Migraine Foundation (AMF) reminds us of these migraine facts as part of this year’s initiative.

  • Migraine is three times more common in women than men.
  • Although most people with migraine have one or two attacks per month, 3% of the population has chronic migraine headaches with at least 15 days of headache each month for at least 6 months.
  • Migraine costs the U.S. more than $20 billion each year, attributed to direct medical expenses and missed work or lost productivity.
  • Migraine is listed by the World Health Organization as one of the 20 most disabling medical illness on the planet.
    There is no cure for migraine. Treatments are aimed at reducing headache frequency and stopping individual headaches as the occur, and can include medications, lifestyle changes, trigger avoidance, behavioral therapy or physical therapy.
    How do you know if you’re experiencing migraine? If you answer yes to at least two questions below, don’t tough it out. You should see a doctor.

    • Is your head pain severe, hard to endure, maybe even unbearable?
    • Is the head pain a throbbing sensation, often on one side of your head?
    • When having head pain, do you experience nausea and vomiting as well as sensitivity to light, noise and odors?
    • Does your head pain worsen with physical activity or any type of movement?
    • Is your head pain severe enough to cause you to miss work or other activities, or to affect your performance when doing those things?
    • Does your head pain last longer than four hours, perhaps for even several days?

For more information, visit the AMF online and americanmigrainefoundation.org.

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Massage for Women

Massage For Women

As a woman, you are likely to be under pressure, with your talents in demand at work, at home, or both. You offer a lot of yourself. But you aren’t made to give unendingly and never replenish. The stream of giving must become a circle, completed by receiving.

Massage therapy helps you cope with the stress and provides a way to relax and move through life’s challenges and transitions more gracefully. Massage can reduce the discomfort and pain caused by illness, activity, or hormonal fluctuations. By committing to care for yourself with massage, you boost the emotional and physical resources that support you in doing all the things you want and need to do.

The Need for Touch

Research demonstrates that touch is necessary for normal infant development. The need for touch continues throughout our lives. The caring touch of massage can help restore your energy and sense of well-being.

If you are living alone due to the loss of a partner, by choice, or for any other reason, you may miss the physical affection or feel isolated at times. While massage is not a replacement for a partner or family, it can help satisfy the need for touch and in this way support your feelings of self-worth and sense of connectedness to others.

Massage and Stress

Massage can help you cope with what may be your number one complaint – STRESS. Because massage relaxes the nervous system and alleviates muscle tightness, it can help relieve stress-related conditions such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, and headaches. When you feel renewed and restored after a massage, daily aggravations seem less important and are easier to cope with. A tension relieving massage can also support you during emotionally stressful times or if you are in psychological counseling.

Help For Specific Conditions


Fibromyalgia is a condition associated with chronic pain and specific tender areas in the neck, trunk and hips that primarily affects women. Specific massage techniques can relieve trigger points and release endorphins,  the body’s natural painkiller. Massage also helps by restoring blood flow to painfully tight muscles. As a result you may experience diminished stiffness and fatigue, decreased insomnia, and a reduced need for pain medication. Finally, receiving massage can provide a time and place to nurture yourself when you must adjust your activities to a slower-paced lifestyle.


Massage therapy can help you cope with both the physical pain and the mental stress of arthritis. Massage boosts circulation, which enhances natural joint lubrication. Gentle stretching and kneading of tight muscles around the affected joints helps them relax and improves movement. You may find that a nurturing massage can improve sleep, provide a break from anxiety, and act as an antidote to the isolation sometimes associated with arthritis.

Pre-Menstrual Syndrome

Massage helps calm your emotions, eases low back tension, and can decrease the pain of menstrual cramps.

Support Through Life’s Stages

In adolescence, the safe and soothing touch of massage can help a girl become more accepting of her physical and emotional changes and teach her to release tension in a healthy way.

During pregnancy, massage can reduce discomfort in the muscles of the back, hips, and legs caused by increased and redistributed weight. Gentle stroking reduces excess fluid retention by assisting the effective circulation and elimination of these fluids. Postpartum, the nurturing touch of massage can provide a needed comfort if you feel depressed, overwhelmed, or just need a relaxing break from the demands of caring for a newborn.

Because massage promotes relaxation and a sense of well-being, it can ease the menopausal discomforts of hot flashes, headaches, insomnia, achy muscles, and emotional ups and downs. During menopause you may at times feel invisible, or doubt your usefulness as you transition away from childbearing years and society’s idealized body type. Massage therapy offers you reassurance, balancing, and a positive association with your body so that you may experience the enhanced vitality that is also a part of this powerful transition.

Beauty Care

Facial massage has long been used to promote a vibrant complexion and to combat the effects of stress and aging. Because massage increases circulation, it can help improve your skin tone. Massage oils and lotions also moisturize and soften your skin.

You May Be Wondering….

How much clothing do I need to remove? Most commonly, people remove most or all of their clothing for a full body massage and are draped with a sheet throughout the session. Undress as much as is comfortable for you. For chair massage or some other types of massage, undressing is not necessary. If you’re uncomfortable about receiving a massage for this or any reason, be sure to discuss your concerns with your massage therapist.

Will I feel embarrassed about the massage therapist seeing my body? Massage therapists are there to help you feel better, not to judge you. They see a wide variety of body shapes and sizes and work with each client as an individual. Since massage is an affirming experience, it can even help you come to appreciate your own body more.

Will a massage hurt? A massage should feel relaxing and enjoyable. If your massage therapist is working in an area of chronic pain there may be some initial discomfort which should quickly ease. If you do experience pain during a massage always let your therapist know so that they can adapt to your comfort level.

How frequently should I get a massage? The more often you receive a massage, the more benefits you will notice. Your therapist will help you decide the best frequency for your appointments to meet your specific needs.

Isn’t Massage a Luxury? Can I Afford It?

Even if a massage were just an enjoyable experience, you deserve it. If you are concerned about affordability, I have options available, including varying lengths and discounted packages.

But massage is more than a luxury. It promotes health by relieving stress, reducing muscle tension, and enhancing your overall energy and vitality. Receiving massage is an investment in yourself. It pays off by improving your capacity to take care of others, to fulfill your responsibilities and to lead a more satisfying life.

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Massage Gift Certificates for Mother’s Day!

Massage Gift Certificates for Mother’s Day!

Make Mom feel extra special this Mother’s Day with a massage gift certificate! I make shopping for Mom easy. I offer instant and paper gift certificates here as well as gift cards available for purchase at my office (please call or email to set up a time to purchase gift cards.)


My current packages are below. Gift cards and certificates can also be purchased in any dollar amount!

12 One Hour Massages
Price: $550
This is the deepest discount I offer! Save $230 on 12 one hour massage sessions.

60 Minute Prenatal Massage
Price: $65.00
Pamper Mommy with a wonderful Prenatal Massage. Can help relieve tension, low back pain, anxiety, stress, insomnia and aches and pains. Come let you or your loved one have the relaxation they so deserve!

30 Minute Foot Treatment
Price: $40.00
Clamped in shoes & socks every day, with little or no air contact, it’s no wonder the feet are sometimes considered to be the forgotten territory. You need a good massage to get that circulation going again. Includes scrub & hot towels.

Four 45 Minute Massages
Price: $150.00
Buy three 45 minute massages at the regular price and get one FREE! This is one of the best deals I offer at a 25% discount.

Four 60 Minute Massages
Price: $195.00
Buy three one hour massages at the regular price and get one FREE! This is one of the best deals I offer at a 25% discount.

Four 90 Minute Massages
Price: $285.00
Buy three 90 minute massages at the regular price and get one FREE! This is one of the best deals I offer at a 25% discount.

One 60 Minute Massage
Price: $65.00
One Hour Relaxation Massage

One 90-Minute Massage
Price: $95.00
One 90-minute massage. Includes hot towels for the back and feet.

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What Are the Benefits of Massage for Lupus?

May is Lupus awareness month. Did you know that massage can be beneficial to lupus sufferers?

Lupus is an autoimmune disease, which means that the body attacks itself as if it were a foreign body–like a virus–that poses a health threat. People who have lupus, also referred to as systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), do not all show the same symptoms. The disease can affect muscles, joints, the skin and other organs throughout the body. Common symptoms of lupus can include a rash, fever, muscle pain and kidney dysfunction. In addition to medications to help keep lupus symptoms in check, alternative methods such as massage can be beneficial to lupus sufferers.

Pain Relief

Pain relief is a benefit that some people with lupus may experience through massage therapy. According to the Lupus Foundation of America, massage may not be appropriate for those who have a form of the condition called cutaneous lupus, as the touch to the skin may actually aggravate symptoms. However, patients who do not display skin involvement may be ideal candidates for massage.

According to the New York chapter of the SLE Lupus Foundation, massage releases endorphins, which are the body’s natural pain relievers. The bodywork can also relieve physical tension in the muscles that may be contributing to pain.

Improves Systemic Function

Massage can be beneficial to circulation and other bodily systems that may be affected by lupus, including the kidneys, according to the Edgar Cayce Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) The manipulation of the body during massage, similar to that of acupuncture or acupressure, may promote better circulation and encourage the cleansing organs of the liver and kidneys to function more effectively. Health Research Today explains that a type of massage therapy called reflexology uses manipulation of the feet to improve circulation in lupus patients. The massaging of tissues during several types of massage can help oxygen and other nutrients feed the body’s tissues, enabling the organs to perform at a higher rate of function.

Reduces Stress

A massage is relaxing to most people, and this is no exception to people who have lupus. The physical relaxation and rubbing of the muscles not only releases endorphins to conquer pain, but also helps damaged muscles leave some of their tension behind. Stress–both physical and emotional–can cause a person to tense up, leaving him more open to inflammation and aching muscles. The physical nature of the massaging touch can invigorate the spirit as well as the body, and leaves some of the stress of chronic illness behind. The spring 2005 issue of “Lupus Now” magazine explains that some complementary therapies, like massage, give patients the boost they need to manage their condition more effectively because they are more relaxed.

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The advantages of getting a massage at a small business

You have many choices when it comes to getting a massage….big chains, day spas, resort spas or a small business. The biggest advantage to going someplace other than a small business is availability, you stand a greater chance of getting a last minute appointment. This convenience usually comes with trade offs. It might be a higher price, maybe you can’t always see your favorite therapist.

Here are some advantages to going to a small local business.

You can see the same person every time.
The more I work with you, and the more I know about what you do and what has helped you before, the better results you will get.  You won’t have to fill out new paperwork and explain your health background every time.  I’ll keep notes on your history so I can know what happened in previous visits and your results.  I will learn your preferences and use the pressure, temperature, and music that you like.

A small business will do their main service very well.
I do massage.  I don’t do nails or hair (well, I will if you want, but I don’t think you will like it).  I focus my attention and continuing education on how to provide the best massage I can.  I learn new techniques and investigate and experiment with new tools.  When I notice a trend of a condition that people have, I review more anatomy and methods to help.

My attention is not divided on multiple choices.  When a business invests in something new, they want to get a return on that investment.  Your cost at a big business may be higher and you may be paying for services that you are not using.  I want to take care of your main problem when you come in.  If I succeed in that, you will come back.

You are an important person – not a number or a 3:00 appointment.
Since there are so many options for massage, small businesses must provide great customer service.  I care about you as a person and I want to help.  You are not just another customer.  When you call, you will talk to me and not be directed through a maze of phone options.  Your emails are answered by me – a person, not a big company employee.

Small businesses are important to your community.
Your money goes to a local business, which then gets spent locally.  Supporting one small business helps to support multiple businesses in your area.  The money doesn’t go to a corporate headquarters in another state or even another country.

If getting a massage from somebody who cares about you, gives you great customer service, and does an outstanding massage sounds good, check out a small business like mine.

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Massage and Sleep

Massage and Sleep

Sleep is an important aspect of health and well-being. Though there doesn’t seem to be any magic number concerning the amount of sleep people require, getting too little is associated with a number of medical conditions, and can negatively impact a person’s overall health.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, “Insufficient sleep is associated with a number of chronic diseases and conditions—such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity and depression—which threaten our nation’s health. Notably, insufficient sleep is associated with the onset of these diseases and also poses important implications for their management and outcome.”

Some Recent Research: Low Back Pain and Fatigue

Some recent research is helping shed light on how massage therapy can be used to help people who have difficulty sleeping. One study of how massage therapy can benefit people with lower back pain and sleep disturbances found that the massage therapy group experienced less pain, depression, anxiety and sleep disturbance when compared to the group using only relaxation therapy.

This study comprised 30 adults with low back pain with a duration of at least six months. Randomly assigned to either massage therapy or relaxation therapy, each group had 30-minute sessions, twice a week for five weeks. On the first and last day of the five-week study, participants completed questionnaires and were assessed for range of motion. Along with the benefits for depression, anxiety and sleep disturbance, the massage therapy group also showed improved trunk and pain flexion performance.

A 2010 study investigated the effects of massage therapy for sleep quality on patients who had coronary artery bypass graft surgery. The study evaluated whether massage therapy would be effective in improving sleep quality in patients.

The 40 participants of the study were randomly assigned to a control group or massage therapy group following discharge from the intensive care unit. For three nights, the massage therapy group received massage while the control group did not. The patients were evaluated the following morning using a visual analogue scale for pain in the chest, back and shoulders, as well as fatigue and sleep.

Interestingly, pain in the chest, shoulders and back decreased significantly for both groups from day one to day three. The participants in the massage therapy group, however, had fewer complaints of fatigue on day one and day two, as well as reporting more effective sleep during all three days.

This article originally appeared here.

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Massage Packages Available

Did you know that I offer massage packages?

Here is the list of my current specials and packages. To purchase please visit The Gift Card Cafe or email me at jenniferlkupiec@gmail.com with any questions.


Four 45 Minute Massages
Price: $150.00
Buy three 45 minute massages at the regular price and get one FREE! This is one of the best deals I offer at a 25% discount.

Four 60 Minute Massages
Price: $195.00
Buy three one hour massages at the regular price and get one FREE! This is one of the best deals I offer at a 25% discount.

Four 90 Minute Massages
Price: $285.00
Buy three 90 minute massages at the regular price and get one FREE! This is one of the best deals I offer at a 25% discount.

Two 60 Minute Massages
Price: $110.00
Buy two 60 minute massages and receive a 15% discount.

12 One Hour Massages
Price: $550
This is the deepest discount I offer! Save $230 on 12 one hour massage sessions.

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