Help me pick a paint color and win a free massage!

I think it’s time to paint my office. I’m tired of looking at builder “white” and I’m sure you are too. I have a series of paintings on the wall that I love and would like the paint to coordinate with them. I was thinking lilac or light purple.


So here’s where the winning comes in! I am TERRIBLE (not just with a captial T all caps) at making decisions. I over analyze, stress myself out, change my mind 1000 times before I finally decide and then I 2nd guess myself for about a week.

I’m going to post my top 2 choices and let you vote by posting a comment. I will pick a comment at random to win a 30 Minute Foot Treatment! This treatment will include hot towels, scrub and a luxurious massage. All you need to do is post your choice of paint color! Be sure to include your name and email so I can notify you if you’re the winner.

And now the choices……

Purple Surf

Purple Surf

Frosted Lilac

Frosted Lilac

~This is an in office service. My office is located in Charlottesville, VA. Winner will be chosen Friday February 13th by email. Appointment must take place by March 13th. ~

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5 Responses to Help me pick a paint color and win a free massage!

  1. Liz says:

    I like frosted lilac!


  2. Dave Butler says:

    Purple Surf…fo sho


  3. Frosted lilac definitely!


  4. Ann says:

    Frosted Lilac


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